Welcome to Mitra PTS

The demand for Coal is strong, and Central Queensland has been meeting that demand, producing approximately 216 million tonnes. Depending on the quality of coal these exports can mean billions. Mitra PTS is here to help you determine your coal quality.

Mitra PTS is a provider of coal and mineral testing services. Its committed and experienced staff of over 30 personnel comprised of Coal Technologists, Laboratory Technicians and Sample Preparation Technicians. They apply their years of industry and laboratory experience to deliver quality outcomes, on time, on every sample processed.

Quality Services in a timely fashion

In an industry where 1/2 a percent can mean millions, get your results back when you need them!

Established in 1990, thats 30 years of experience, Mitra PTS has built a reputation as a high quality provider of services to Australian mining industry clients and pay particular attention to their clients deadlines.


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On-Site Laboratory Service

Upon request Mitra PTS can supply expert coal technicians and equipment to your site, all our coal technicians are capable of operating laboratories. These services are currently available in Central Queensland and surrounding areas, and those located in the Bowen Basin.


Mitra PTS offers a variety of indispensable superintending services when hired by clients. In order to maintain their ability to be constantly convenient and available. Mitra PTS witness iron ore and also offer 3rd party analysis. They provide this service to facilities in Central Queensland and surrounding areas, and those located in the Bowen Basin.